P1000498Whether you’re a new reader or have followed me here from my old blog (now closed), thanks!

This will be a very different blog from my first one: it won’t focus on professional issues. I’ve made a huge number of changes to my life over the last eighteen months, and in the process I’ve come to think it’s such a shame that, even though we live in circumstances that my great-grandparents would have considered unimaginably luxurious, the normal state of affairs seems to be for us to be more or less permanently tired, unfit, stressed and eating badly. What a waste!

So this blog will be about how we can try to do better for ourselves. To the right of this post, and underneath it on the homepage, are links to four posts from my old blog that I think are relevant to this new one. These are just to give you a taster before I publish more next week. The one that’s probably most relevant to a lot of people likely to be reading this is the one about rolling around in meadows. If you like what you read here, it’s easy to follow this blog, the Twitter feed, or both.

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