Charity begins online


If you’re daft enough to read this blog regularly, you’ll have heard me mention that I’ve been looking for a way to give to charity regularly, within my limited means (I study part-time) and without concentrating on one or a couple of causes to the exclusion of all others. I think we should donate either time or money if we can. I do put money in collection boxes when I see them, but the trouble is that means I give to the most visible causes and tend to forget about others.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I’ve solved the problem! I’m going to give the money I donate to a different cause every month, and I’ll actively seek out causes that I think are deserving. From now on, at the end of every post on Not Going with the Flow you’ll see what the current charity of the month is, and you can make a donation to it yourself if you like.

The first one, for March, is the Spinal Injuries Association. The SIA provides all kinds of care and support for people who have suffered a spinal injury and for their families. That includes medical care, emotional support and a myriad other things. Information on how to donate is here:

I became aware of this charity, and learnt much more about spinal injury, from reading articles by Melanie Reid. She was seriously injured falling off a horse five years ago, and now writes the Spinal Column in The Times. Take a look – the column itself is behind a paywall, unfortunately, but this looks like a pretty comprehensive collection.

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